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Kansas City, MO Home Buyers

Core Properties Kansas City is your #1 cash home buyers company. We purchase property regardless of its condition and make you a top all-cash offer. No property is too rundown or distressed that we won’t buy. We make selling your home simple and are your guide to successful real estate.

House is Rundown

If you’re selling with a traditional real estate agent you would be responsible to make all the repairs to your home so that it is more appealing to potential buyers. This takes money and time. With Core Properties Kansas City we’ll buy your home as-is. No repairs are needed. This not only saves time but you also get to keep your hard-earned money.

Inherited Property

Did a loved one pass and leave you their property? Depending on your situation this could either be good or bad. If you already own a home or don’t live in the area that the property is located in, or whatever the reason we’re here for you. We will take it off your hands and pay you cash.

Going Through a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy and can be very challenging and complicated, especially when a piece of property is involved. If you’ve made the decision to sell and divide your assets we can help and make that process easier for you when it comes to the family home.

Parents are Aging

Whether your parents are moving into a smaller home or transitioning into a senior living community we will buy your property.


In these very uncertain times, bankruptcy is becoming more and more common. But before you make that final decision give us a call to discuss your options. By selling with us you’re not only getting cash for your home but the process is quicker so you can start paying off those debts quicker as well.


You’re now empty nesters and the family home is too big for just the two of you and starting to feel like a little too much to handle. Selling with us is a quick way to get that extra cash to move into your new home.


Got a new job in another city? Moving closer to help aging parents? Whatever the reason relocating isn’t easy and you don’t always have the time to deal with the sale of your home. With Core Properties Kansas City we’ll buy your house for cash and have you closed within a week.

Losing Your Job

Losing your job can be devastating. You can start to spiral wondering how you’re going to pay your bills and survive. Selling your home can help generate income to help cover the costs while you look for another job.


Facing foreclosure is no easy thing. Selling your home with Core Properties Kansas City can not only help stop the process of foreclosure but could also help save your credit rating.

Whatever your reason for needing or wanting to sell, regardless of the condition of the property, we will make you a top all-cash offer. If you accept our offer we will have you closed in as little as a week. We will even take care of the closing costs for you. Give our knowledgeable experts a call today to discuss your options and to get your free quote!

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