KC Home Buyer Near Me. Sell My House for Cash in Kansas City

Sell My House for Cash Kansas City, MO

Sell My House for Cash, Kansas City, MO

You may be in a tight financial spot. Maybe you just inherited a property and don’t want to keep it. Do you own a rental property that just isn’t working out anymore? We understand these are unprecedented times and we’re all going through difficult situations and need a quick fix. Not all cash home buyers are created equal though and you need to do your research before calling.

Core Properties team of knowledgeable experts has decades of experience and has assisted hundreds of families in the as-is sale of their homes. There are so many reasons to choose a cash home buyer. Let’s look at some reasons why you should choose Core Properties Kansas City, MO.

  • No Costly or Time-Consuming Repairs: When you sell your home through a traditional agent the seller is responsible for all repairs, whether you do them yourself or hire someone. This can not only be time-consuming, but it can also end up being very costly, depending on the extent of the repair. With a cash home buyer, we are buying your home just as it is, no repairs are needed.
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: Due to the time we’re living in many people have lost their source of income and are facing foreclosure and are unable to pay their mortgage. Going through a foreclosure is not only emotionally taxing but can also hurt your credit score. Selling to a cash home buyer can pay off what is in arrears and save your credit score.
  • You Set the Timeline: People sell to a cash home buyer for a variety of reasons and sometimes it takes some time to deal with everything. Whether it’s going through probate or finding a new home you can have the peace of mind and assurance in knowing that you get to set your own timeline. So if you need to close in as little as a week or you need a little longer, you get to set the pace.
  • No Commissions: With a traditional agent you not only have to cover those repairs you also have to pay their fees and commissions. Depending on the agency those commissions can be quite high and not leave you with as much money as you originally thought. With a cash home buyer, you’re getting all cash for your as-is home. All the money goes to you.

So regardless of your situation or the condition of your home, Core Properties Kansas City will make you a top all-cash offer for your home, and you get to close on your timeline. If you’re still not completely convinced checkout out Google Reviews and see what our happy clients have to say. Give us a call today because we make selling your home simple!

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